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    #53 love you, even if you can't love yourself right now
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    tell me a støry
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    #55 we are all inside our own boxes in this life only bring shown pieces of each other before being tossed aside
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    I want to reach into the stretching wires and trade years for someone else, give them less pain
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    #55 There once was a girl who tried, she didn't get very far so she lied
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    the world around me is meaningful, i can make a difference, things do matter, i don't have to fail, i want to believe this...
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    I did it! I didn't sleep! What do i win?
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    There is a person trying todrag down several people I care about, including the woman I love.
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    #61 Fuck them
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    #61 the woman you love might love you back - talk to them